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The #1 Way To Grow Your Practice: Work your existing clients and referral sources!

By Irene Leonard, Lawyer Coach

The #1 way to build your law practice is to develop the relationships you already have. Build on the relationships you have with your existing clients by maintaining and expanding existing good client relations. At the same time spend time developing your relationships with past clients and those people that have referred clients to you. One of the best ways to increase your market share is to build on what you have.

You can expand and cement your existing and past relationships with clients by:

There are a variety of ways to maintain contact with your clients and referral sources. You can - send a firm newsletter, personal letter, hand-written note, email note, have lunch, a client-appreciation networking gathering, attend networking functions they will attend, or give them a quick call. Whatever - but do it!

Another way to cement your existing client relationships is to let them know why you like working with them. For example, does the nature of their legal matter excite you? Are they a cooperative, responsive client? Let the client know what you value about them. Be honest.

When maintaining contact or developing your relationships keep others informed of your own business developments:

Managing your existing relationships, providing outstanding legal services, and maintaining good working relations with your client will help you retain clients and increase your client-base. Here are some ways you can maintain good relations with your clients (Check all the ones that you consistently do):

Happy Practice Building!