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Benefits of Workplace Conflict

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Spring 2009

Benefits of Workplace Conflict

Positive outcomes result when you accept conflict and address it constructively. Workplace conflict, when handled appropriately, is necessary for keeping the peace, and is not detrimental.

Taking time to work through significant differences of opinion can lead to:

  • Better solutions to problems.
  • More cooperation among people as they learn more about one another.
  • Greater acceptance and understanding of others.
  • Higher team performance.
  • Greater innovation and new ideas.
  • Increased motivation because road blocks are removed.
  • Improved communication.
  • Improved working relationships.
  • Release of tension, anxiety and stress.
  • Clarification of important issues.
  • Completed group projects.

How do you respond to conflict?

What are your fears around conflict?

How can you overcome them?

Since conflict is unavoidable it's important to deal with it, not avoid it.

When faced with a difficult situation, treat each participant with respect, honesty, courage, trust, and openness. Limit your comments to the concepts, ideas, or behavior and do not engage in accusations, judgments, or personal attacks. Work with your coach on approaches to constructive conflict.

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A Book Supporting Change

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, by Patrick Lencioni, is a fictional approach, demonstrating how teams can function more effectively by overcoming five dysfunctions, and in particular their fear of conflict. He says that trust is the foundation upon which constructive conflict can flourish. "All great relationships… require productive conflict in order to grow."

Lencioni makes clear that destructive fighting and interpersonal politics are to be distinguished from productive ideological conflict. "Ideological conflict is limited to concepts and ideas, and avoids personality-focused, mean-spirited attacks."

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"The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. It is just these intense conflicts and their conflagration which are needed to produce valuable and lasting results." –Carl Jung

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