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Welcome to Coaching For Lawyers

Coaching for Lawyers' services will help you grow in any area of your professional practice you want to build or improve. Coaching for Lawyers was established in 1997 by Irene Leonard to assist lawyers looking for an easier, faster way to reach their business or career goals and excel in their professional career.

Irene helps you learn what you need to learn to move forward and stay focused on your goals and what's important. Coaching for Lawyers' process is designed with you in mind and how you operate. That's what makes her program so effective.

Why use a lawyer business coach?

You can use a lawyer business coach for many reasons:


(1) If you're leaving your firm to start your own solo law practice you'll find working with a professional lawyer coach especially rewarding and profitable. Your practice goals will be achieved sooner and with greater ease than going it alone.

(2) You may need to overcome some limitations that are blocking you from effectively marketing and promoting yourself.

(3) As a law partner you can use coaching to develop your leadership skills within your firm and in the many organizations in which you are involved.

(4) As an associate you can use coaching to accelerate your move up on the partnership track.

(5) As a new partner you can plan and strategize a more successful transition from associate to partner.

(6) To more effectively supervise, manage and mentor staff and associates.

(7) As a senior-level attorney who has been practicing for years you can use coaching to develop strategies for dealing with change in the market place, sharpen your management skills and refresh your enthusiasm for your practice.

The best lawyers use a professional coach, like athletes, to get even better.

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Improve Practice Management by Working with a Lawyer Coach


A significant number of attorneys, solo and otherwise, use working with a lawyer business coach to determine how to attract better clients, get more organized, improve their services, manage more effectively, and make more money. The law practice management areas you can work on with Irene include:

Overcome procrastination by working with a lawyer coach

Like many accomplished people, lawyers sometimes get "stuck" and aren't sure of how to stop procrastinating. I'll work with you to help you overcome what's behind your procrastinating. You'll learn to implement simple effective solutions tailor made for you. Your new habits will help you work more efficiently and profitably. You'll also have the added benefit of reducing your stress level.

Improve Time Management by working with a professionalcoach

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You can also hire me to assist you in managing your time better. You'll learn how to be more productive and capture more time, which will result in you billing more hours as well as improving your billable hour realization rate.

You'll learn how to master delegating in order to manage your time more effectively. As well as how to say "no" in a manner that is tailored to you and your practice.

Examine Values for Greater Practice Satisfaction


You may have reached a crossroad in your career where you must examine your values and priorities so you can make a choice about what you want to do. You'll find working with a professional lawyer coach trained in values discovery work to be very effective to help you break through an impasse and find greater satisfaction or even a new direction in your work.

What would you like to accomplish in your practice?

Whether you want to improve your reputation, generate more profits, or simply feel better about your work, you'll experience surprising results with the help of a lawyer coach.

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I invite you to take a few moments to review my Web site and consider what you'd like to accomplish with professional coaching. Read my testimonials, check out my publications, or simply give me a call (360.922.0944) or email to set up a short call. Let's talk about coaching and how I can help you get where you want to go.

Professional Development for Law Firms

If you're a law firm manager looking for assistance to grow your associates, new partners, or other professional staff, a lawyer business coach may be the solution to assist in their development. I've helped lawyers hired by their firm in many areas including these:

No matter where you're located contact me to find out whether we are a good match to work together to help you achieve your law practice and professional career goals. Irene at 360.922.0944 or email me

Or if you wish to go it alone, use my book Create the Practice you Want: Law Practice Development Workbook. It's a PDF book so you can get started right away.