Law Practice Tip #343
April 13, 2015

When crazy busy, make giving complete instructions a priority

It might seem okay to just tell your assistant the basics and hope they'll know what you mean. But it's not a good idea to rush through your instructions when you're busy. Without the context, adequate detail, and confirmation of their understanding, there can be misinterpretation resulting in delays, frustration, and even more work. It's best to stop and give the person all the information they need to do the task right the first time.

Taking the extra few minutes when you feel crazed can actually save you time and frustration in the long run.

I find that I get frustrated when I think the person should know what I mean, so I need to stop and remind myself that just because I know doesn't mean they should. I reduce my frustration level when I let go of those kinds of "shoulds".

What do you need to do to reduce your frustration level when busy?

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