Law Practice Tip #342
March 30, 2015

Choose the rewarding work and move away from the rest

The best way to have a rewarding practice is to do work you're excited and passionate about. Move away from the rest; delegate or just donít take on non-rewarding work.

Since at this moment that might seem easier said than done, create a plan to move your practice in the direction that has you doing only what you enjoy and find rewarding. Then implement the plan and stick to it.

In addition to enjoying your work more, your clients will be more likely to refer you work they can tell youíre excited about.

Yesterday I decided to drop the paid in-house workshops and trainings from my list of services. I love my one-on-one coaching work and want only the right amount of that work. Now Iíll work on my plan to implement the goal.

My biggest challenge will be to resist getting hooked every time I get a training inquiry. I had a couple this week and noticed my lukewarm reaction. My reaction helped me decide itís time to plan how to say no to that kind of work.

Whatís the work that you want to move away from?

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