Law Practice Tip #331
September 8, 2014

Referrals are the second best way to get new business

In 2012, Altman Weil surveyed 204 Chief Legal Officers asking them to rate the factors that influenced their outside counsel hiring decisions. That resulted in the report – Special Excerpt: Why Clients Choose Law Firms.

You might want to use their answers to help you focus your marketing activities.

The top five out of 15 reasons, or influencers, that inside counsel hire law firms were:

  1. Demonstrated understanding of their business / industry
  2. Referrals / Recommendations from colleagues
  3. Personal contact: Visits / phone calls / personal notes
  4. Written material demonstrating lawyer’s expertise
  5. Free seminars, webinars, CLE training for their law department

I was surprised that invitations to social events / sporting events / meals was given the lowest average ranking.

I wasn’t surprised that social media activity was given the second lowest average ranking for being an influence in the hiring decision.

How will you tweak your marketing plan based on this report?

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