Law Practice Tip #327
June 30, 2014

You should take notes by hand

I think Sam Glover’s article Lawyers Should Take Notes by Hand posted on June 17, 2014 is so important that I wanted to bring it your attention as this week’s Law Practice Tip.

Sam raises three really good points:

  1. We remember what we hand write,
  2. You can scan your hand written notes for your paperless files,
  3. We connect better with our clients over a pad of paper than a laptop.

I know it helps me remember conversations with my clients and content from classes when I take handwritten notes. I really appreciate this article because it helped me decide not to take my netbook to the next conference I go to. I may be the only one taking handwritten notes, but I’m going to continue because it works for me.

What’s your plan for taking notes?

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