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Law Practice Tip #321
March 24, 2014

Use your smartphone to dictate notes after networking.

If you're like me, you get back to your office after a networking meeting and you didn't give yourself enough time to make notes of all the cool stuff you learned about the people you met. Since nurturing relationships requires that we remember what's important to the people we know, making notes of what we learn about them is critical.

I've recently been making great use of my Android smartphone voice dictation feature. I'm using it to capture things I learn, record info about people, and make notes on follow-up ideas I have after networking events. I dictate my notes hands free on the drive home or in the parking lot before I leave.

What would it take for you to use your smartphone's dictation feature to make you more efficient with your networking? Or, how do you want to capture your networking follow-up ideas or information?

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