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Law Practice Tip #311
October 21, 2013

Use language that enhances your client's confidence in you

Words are so important, and the subtlest changes in your choice of words can make a big difference in how clients respond to you. Reframe your language or phrases that you use in a way that will give your clients assurance and enhance their trust and confidence in you.

Here are some examples of what I mean by reframing common phrases:

Use "This is a challenge" rather than "This is a problem".
Use "I'll do x" rather than "I'll try to do x".
Use "and" rather than "but".
Use "You're welcome" rather than "No problem".

The difference is subtle but significant in the psychological response from your client.

What phrases that you use do you want to reframe?

If you would like coaching on this area of your law practice, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.

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