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Law Practice Tip #283
July 30, 2012

Shorten your interruptions

Shorten meetings and other interruptions to your work by using these kinds of scripts or techniques:

  • "I'm in the middle of something now . . ."
  • "I only have 5 minutes."
  • "I'd love to talk with you, but I have a deadline I'm working on. May I call you when I finish?"

If they are in your office:

  • Watch the clock obviously.
  • Stand, stroll to the door, and thank them for coming and for their input.

I recently spoke at the WSBA Solo and Small Firm Conference in Ocean Shores on Time Management for the Busy Attorney, and one of the participants shared a terrific tip that was so ingenious the entire group broke into spontaneous laughter.

He suggested: "When you have a persistent pest who just won't let you off of the telephone, you should hang up while you are talking (not while they are talking). The pest will assume you wouldn't hang up on yourself and that it must be a telephone malfunction."

How will you shorten your next interruption?

If you would like coaching on this area of your law practice, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.

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