Coaching for Lawyers Law Practice Tip

Law Practice Tip #279
May 28, 2012

Practice Giving: Make a Referral to Another Lawyer

Rather than focusing or worrying about where your next client is going to come from, spend some time setting up a contact management system so that you can make referrals to other lawyers and service providers easily. By giving what you want (more referrals), you'll attract future referrals to you and your practice.

If you have an opportunity to make a referral, make it. Don't be too busy to send an email helping others out. You help the person you refer and you help the person that needs the referral. Your being a connector is a valuable reputation to have.

What will you do about your referral system?

If you would like coaching on this area of your law practice, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.

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