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Law Practice Tip #272
February 13, 2012

Practice Asking

The marketing action that most lawyers avoid is Asking for something. But, if you want someone to refer you clients or work, you need to ask. If you want to get more work from an existing client, you should ask for it. If you want some help with your marketing efforts, you should ask someone who's good at marketing for help.

When it comes to business development there are many things you can ask for. You can ask for work, introductions, information, advice, and for help.

To help you practice asking, come up with scripts and plan your approach. The approach includes setting up an appropriate context so the person you are going to ask will be receptive to your request.


Asking for work from a client:

I know you're planning on moving to a new location next year; I'd like to help you with your lease negotiations. Or, May I help you with the lease negotiations?

I've really enjoyed working with you. It would be great if you would refer me to the other members of your company (family), especially if they are as conscientious as you. Or, I hope you'll refer me to the others.

Asking for an introduction:

I know you know A & B at X Corp. would you introduce me to them?

The point is not to use my examples, but come up with your own scripts for your situations and relationships and start practicing asking for things that will help you build the practice you want. Just start practicing and don't worry about getting it perfect. Just start somewhere.

What will it take for you to start practicing asking?

If you would like coaching on this area of your law practice, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.

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