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Law Practice Tip #256
June 20, 2011

Leave Mondays and Fridays open to be responsive

In further response to my tip "Manage your time by scheduling everything you do," I received the following suggestion from Joel Paget, a senior immigration attorney with Ryan Swanson:

I have always found Mondays and Fridays to be days filled with 'emergencies' that either have to be dealt with before the weekend or have accumulated over the weekend. Thus, I avoid scheduling appointments on Mondays and Fridays so I have time to deal with these emergencies.

I also leave time open on Friday afternoons to return telephone calls. If I wait to call back on Monday, the client will "feel" like it has been over a week since he/she left a message.

What changes will you make to how you schedule your week?

If you would like coaching on this area of your law practice, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.

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