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Create The Practice You Want:
Law Practice Development Workbook

by Irene Leonard

Irene's Book

Would you like to have a more successful, rewarding law practice?

Create The Practice You Want: Law Practice Development Workbook, by Irene Leonard will help you design a satisfying, successful law practice. Itís like having a business coach in a book. Itís full of coaching questions designed to get you thinking about how you can be more successful.

Irene wrote this book (which is now available as a PDF) because she is passionate about helping lawyers practice law in ways that are fulfilling and profitable for them.

The PDF version is a great value at only $9.99.

This is a practical workbook with pages of exercises intended to help you redesign or tune up your law practice. Itís based on defining your core values, improving marketing skills, and incorporating coaching skills such as effective questions for improved communication and management in your practice.

Because it's a PDF version you'll be able to download and start work on the exercises today. Price: $9.99. Payment is through PayPal.

Because Create the Practice You Want is in PDF form, I recommend you print the pages so you can complete the exercises throughout the book. The images of the book are what your printed copy will look like when printed.

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Hands-on Law Practice Workbook

This hands-on workbook, written by a lawyer for lawyers, can be used by lawyers in any stage of their practice: from the lawyer just starting out to the senior lawyer wanting to improve, redesign, or make changes in their practice.

The workbook starts with an evaluation of your practice as it is today. Then it helps you create your personal mission statement and clarify your values.

Irene's BookIn order to build the practice you want it is necessary to develop effective rainmaking or marketing skills. The workbook's rainmaking exercises will help you identify marketing activities and skills with which you are comfortable. Irene also addresses resistance to marketing and suggests ways to handle issues that might hold you back from creating the law practice you want.

Coaching or effective questioning skills are introduced to help you develop better relations with your clients and staff by communicating and managing at a deeper, more meaningful level. The final result is a personal marketing plan and valuable insights on what will help propel you forward in your career.

$9.99  with

This PDF version of Create the Practice You Want comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee!†

If you are not satisfied with the book please send me an email requesting a refund within 30 days of your downloading the book.